We can offer a range of worktops to suit all kitchens we make. To find out more about the worktop range we can offer please look at the type of surface you are interested in.



We can offer a range of laminate worktops to suite all tastes. 

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A wooden worktop is one of the best ways of achieving a traditional, rustic country cottage effect in your kitchen, but also lends itself to more modern designs.

A wooden worktop is one of the best ways of achieving a traditional, rustic country cottage effect in your kitchen, but also lends itself to more modern designs.

Our consistently best selling woods are Oak, European Walnut, Iroko and Beech, or Wenge and African Walnut for darker colours, all having their own unique attraction. Hardwood worktops if treated with respect will provide a natural beauty to your kitchen that is hard to replicate. Synthetic wood coloured products have come a long way, but nothing truly has the timeless luxury and warmth of a real solid wooden worktop.

One of the main advantages of a wooden worktop is that other surfaces age over time and usage, losing their original splendour. Wood gains character over time, some woods become richer and deeper in colour over time, becoming a part of your home in a personal way that other materials will not. A solid wooden worktop also has the benefit that if you want to drill holes in it, shape the edges or even carve designs into the wood it will have the same unique grain running through the inside. The solidness of wooden worktops also means that surface damage or scratches can be easily sanded away to reveal a fresh surface.


Granite and Quartz

Granite and quarztz worktops will compliment any kitchen style you like. Your kitchen worktop is one of the hardest worked areas in the kitchen, which makes granite and quartz the ideal surface, as it is easily maintained and highly durable. 

Granite worktops are the number one choice for bakers as it is the considered the ideal cool surface for preparing dough and similar foodstuffs. If you do a lot of baking, you should consider granite for your worktops, or at least for an inlay to provide the best worktop for rolling and kneading of dough.

Almost any decor in your kitchen can be enhanced by the addition of granite. There is a huge range of colours available to complement any colour scheme – whites, blacks, greys, greens, blues, reds and more in a number of hues. Some granites are grained or speckled, some are veined like marble, and some are both – and all to varying degrees so you can choose the look that is right for you. There are, of course, irregularities and individuality from one piece of granite to another as there are with any naturally occurring substance, but this adds to the appeal, giving it its own unique natural beauty. For durability and aesthetic elegance, granite is the natural choice. Consider Granite also as an attractive addition alongside other materials if you do not wish to use it throughout your kitchen. Its heat resistant qualities make it ideal for installation near a stove or any surface that requires extreme heat.


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